JR Lopez, December 12 2019

Backing up your data

It does not really matter much who you are in todays world.  Whether you like it or not you accumulate data.  From pictures, work files, personal files, your taxes or that special project you are working on, it is likely saved in the form of digital data.  The fear of losing the data is often not a major concern until that very real moment when its gone.  We have all been told to back up our files and make sure it's some where safe.  You heed the advise and take what you believe are the proper precautions, but is your data really safe?  If all of the sudden you lost your laptop or for some other reason could not access your data, how long will it be before you are up and running again, really?  Are you back up in moments or hours?  Do you have IT support?  How long before not having access to your data does it become a problem?  

Find out with this short video: 

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JR Lopez