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Our philosophy of quality service combined with our expertise makes NYCT one of the best options. The cost of high-priced technology directors and under utilization of corporate assets shouldn't weigh your business down. NYCT takes on the role of your entire IT department. Our consultants have years of experience and can guide you down a path that makes IT work for you and not the other way around.

Our technicians are deployed to dozens of businesses each and every day and will get the job done. The benefits are obvious: There are no housing or payroll fees, benefits, or leave time, NYCT can lower your operation costs while providing you with top tier service. The choice is yours, hiring a 6-figure IT staff, or using NYCT with a highly experienced team and corporate rates that are the most competitive in the industry.

We focus on three principles to help facilitate your success: Our client’s revenue growth, satisfaction, and profitability. Our streamlined managed service offerings provide your business value and a broad, high level of focus. Our goal is to make sure your IT department is no longer seen as a continued negotiation to your bottom line but a vital investment in providing your customers the level of service they expect, giving your company the name recognition it deserves.

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